MFB (my first blog)

Well it’s not technically my first blog, as I have helped and fiddled with a work-blog before. But it is MY first official blog my stuff and pretty much the things that take my fancy.  How fun!  Well sort of….. In fact it feels a bit strange – like where do I start, what will I say and who cares anyway?  But because I like strange, I’m going with it.  Let’s see what happens.

So, what’s  it all about then?  I thought this could be a place of sharing – what I’m reading, what songs get stuck in my head and why, what inspires me, what makes me laugh, what warms my cockles and what I can’t wait to share because it bursts forth with such energy that I can’t really stop it.  And hopefully this in turn inspires and makes you smile too.

So let’s begin….


One response

  1. Dear Ms Blogett,
    in a word “nice” …….and yep, i agree ,we all live in a “yellow submarine” of sorts ……may your Blog “live long and prosper” .

    From the “Hobitt”, Ken.

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