The Upside of Karma (not Sutra, but you can go there if you want)

Following on from the “Revenge v Karma” blog,  I hop into my car this morning for my run into work, hook up my iPod and low and behold, Savage Garden’s Affirmation starts playing out of nowhere.  SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to it highlighted how much I focussed on the payback side of Karma, and completely excluded the lovely stuff – you know: What You Give, You Get Returned, What Goes Around Comes Around and all that jazz.

Being aboard the Karma train as I am, I wanted to acknowledge the good stuff that goes with living karmically.  Like these for instance:

  • Smiles are contagious
  • Doing a good turn for someone almost always results in them paying it forward as well as back to you
  • Laughter is the antidote to almost every rotten feeling there is
  • There is no better compliment you can pay to someone more than being present for them and truly listening to what they have to say.
  • Taking the time to think of things you are grateful for is food for the soul.

Then there’s the ultimate in warm fuzzies:   hugs. Some people go the whole day without even one of them – why?  They are warm, squishy, supportive, caring and, between 2 consenting adults, represent such a strong bond and connection.

The only 2 things I know better than this for a feel good time are: doggy licks and a trip to Officeworks *drools mmmmmmmm Officeworks* (blogger note:  after speaking with others I am apparently not alone in thinking Officeworks = porn).  Each to their own.

So I ask: Have you had at least one good belly laugh today? Have you fulfilled your hug quota?  If your answer is “No”, up you get and go find someone to share with.

And that’s as good as it gets.



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