Wonder Weeks

When Miss 4 and 3/4s was a wee babe, there’d be weeks where she would be absolutely beside herself.  Not in pain, but rather off her food, not sleeping normally and unexplainably cranky.  In these moments we renamed her from Lucy to “Lucifer’ (yes I am a wicked mama).

The Parent Help line peeps became my besties as I worked my way out of a rocking and mumbling state and into positive action.  And then I found a name for it: Wonder Weeks (aka “I wonder how the hell I’ll get through it“).

I found out about this term from the good people at CAFS and in a nutshell it’s like this:  Research has proven these difficult weeks exist and,  during these more difficult weeks, babies make big steps forward in their development.

You can pretty much put money on the fact that immediately following these weeks, a baby will have a whole new skill/s and reached another milestone.  Fabulous, miraculous stuff.

Moving on…

As I am an unintentionally finely-tuned receiver of  people’s energy – call it what you will:  sensitive/intuitive/perceptive (tomAYto/tomAHto people), this week was unusually full of tension and outright yuckiness.  Nothing serious mind you, just enough to put everyone a bit on edge.  Me no exception (read: especially me).

Intially ‘we’ put it down to astrology (there’s weirdness in the air) but reflecting on it further, I think it was a work version of a Wonder Week.  It had all the hallmarks of one.  And it stands to reason they should exist.

So now this has been decided, I’m excited.  What’s going to happen next?  In the spirit of ask and ye shall receive – here’s want I want:

*Outcome driven, best value mindset – let’s agree on and do the things that represent the best return – responsive, effective outcomes.  Making it happen.  Not ruling out economic rationalism, but realising that it is but one of many indicators of value and it may not always be the top priority.  Quality over quantity every time.

*Simplify, simplify, simplify – clear thinking, straight to the point, efficient, streamlined processes.  Use plain english and keep the end user in mind (if not involve them where possible).

*Collaborative and cooperative spirit – we’re all in this together.  You, Me and the Community (yep it even rhymes).  Openness in considering others ideas and points of view and actively participating in conversation and expressing our views.  Replace defensiveness and protectiveness with trust and respect. Remembering TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

*C’mon get happy – people making decisions and taking responsibility for their own happiness and effectiveness, with others kindly supporting and encouraging one another through this.  Buckets of enthusiasm, communication and give it a crack spirit.  Remembering that “If you are not prepared to be part of the solution you forfeit your right to complain” (I heart this quote real bad).

Sounds just blissful to me and, wherever you work and whatever you do for a crust, I wish this for you too.

So bring on the next few weeks – I cannot wait to see what pops out the other end.

I’d love to hear about your weekly vibes and what affiirmative changes you wish for too xx



2 responses

  1. Hi Megs,
    i’v had weeks that you mention ,when you think you have landed on another Planet …..i tend to think the following :
    1. If your naturally kind ,you tend to attract a lot of people you don’t like at times.
    2. Morale is when your hands and feet keep on working when your head says it can’t be done .
    3. The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.

    Keep up the good work Megs , cheers the Hobitt , Ken.

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