The Inspiration Junkie

As per the name of my blog I am a self-confessed inspiration junkie.   And I am really happy about this.

Not everyone is blessed with this disease, nor do they want it.  But for those who are and do want it, and there are plenty of us, we spend endless amounts of time and energy searching for the arm hair-raising, spine tingling, brain exploding, YES! A-HA! and Ohhhh…. moments. When this happens what I knew before is tested, discarded, affirmed  or evolves into something far larger, far more beautiful and worthy. Things become clearer and make sense.

It’s also a soothing sensation that we are all somehow all connected, others are “like me” and I feel part of a community (and yes that’s the essence of what I do).  The rush I get from this is beyond amazing – I can literally feel my growth. It’s way cool.

When others are choosing alternate worthy forms of entertainment (which I too dabble in from time to time), I am reading books, blogs and articles, watching TED talks (so blessed I’m beyond grateful) sharing in my areas of interest and growth on twitter (love, love, love) and via LinkedIn groups.  Sounds full on, it’s not – it’s much like a hybrid of entertainment and study where you set the course and the subjects and you choose how you learn and actually have stacks of fun doing it.

The other key bit to being an inspiration junkie is that you want to share and help others.  It is fundamental to our make-up and we will, happily and without question, share this intellectual property because seeing others grow and benefit too is our greatest reward = happiness.

What’s really cool is when two (or more) inspiration junkies meet up. Look out! Magic happens in this space and it can leave me on a high for weeks.

Last, but by far not least, I’d like to put thanks out there to those of you who regularly inspire me. You may not ever read this post but, somehow, I hope that in this moment you take a deep breath and you feel the love, for what you share is precious and appreciated more than you will ever know.

Are you an Inspiration Junkie too?  I’d love to hear what/who makes you feel like this, even if it’s not what I’m having – we grow through sharing with one another, after all.



2 responses

  1. Wonderful stuff Megan. I can picture your great smile as I read your posts and that is a buzz. You love it – you do it, but where you find the time is beyond me.

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