Shared Inspiration: Wind Us Up & Set Us Loose

I came across Wondermark’s Rules for Builders, Crafters and Makers and just HAD to share it.

This little manifesto 100% spot on  reflects my whole philosophy, approach and how I do things – classic stuff.   LOVE it madly and hope you will too….

If you have time have a look through the whole Tinkerer’s Handbook, featured on Wondermark’s site.  I particularly adore the page on “Non Traditional Gardening Tools” – heart-warmingly hilarious.


Tinkerbell Meg



2 responses

  1. Oh I do like these rules! The one about Miscellaneous parts really rings a bell. Years ago I wrote a list of life lessons in my journal one of which was “You won’t need that piece of junk until two days after you have thrown it out.” Is it just life’s synchronicity being capricious or is it simply because if we hadn’t cleared it out of the back of the shed, cupboard or whatever we would have forgotten we had it and used something else instead?

  2. I totally relate to that Diana. Being one of these creative sorts who works best in clutter (much to the disgrace of my colleagues at times), whenever I clean up my office I inevitably can’t find things I need straight after. Grrrr – best leave it as it is I think 🙂

    My favourite part is the idea of “Stackable” projects – I am often juggling about 15 projects at once and then supporting others juggling theirs, so rather than panic or be concerned, it’s very freeing to accept it and enjoy the challenge. At times, projects can also reach evolution or extinction mid completion – and that’s okay too.

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