Falling In Love Again

+1 rolls eyes and resigns to the fact there will be a purchase……

Yes it happens all the time.  Something – some beautiful piece of art, or meaningful saying or wacky idea or something of pure love – captures my attention and that’s it…  I’m head over heals smitten.

Today (*smiles*) it is the artwork of UK artist Rob Ryan.  Rob’s London shop “Ryantown” features his intricate paper cuts, limited edition screen prints, handcrafted, limited edition pieces.

This is what his cute as a button shop looks like:


I’m waiting in excitement for this lovely little vase to arrive (from Larkmade):

Rob Ryan 'Please Smell Us' Vase

And here’s a sample of some of his other works:

This Bell Will Ring When From Nothing Something ComesBelieve In People printed teatowel

The Key To My Heart Tile

I Cant Forget (Raspberry Red and Navy Blue)

Simplify Our Love

If you want to become equally smitten visit Rob’s website which has links to his blog and shop.

And, as always, feel free to share likewise.  I ‘d love to see what’s your latest obsession.



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