Happy 2012 :)

Almost everyone I have spoken to recently is very glad to see the back of 2011 – it seems it’s been a hard going, rocky year for more than a few of us and now we are set to welcome 2012 with open arms and a renewed sense of optimism and vigour.  Hurrah!

I was having a read of this HBR article:  Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012 and started to think about my lot.   Now I’m not one usually for New Year’s resolutions, but given the hopeful mood of the coming year, I’ve been reflecting on what I’d like next year to be like, more specifically speaking, how I’d like to be.  This is an exciting concept as it’s about self nurture, quality of life and, above all else, happiness.   So here’s what I’m thinking will be my key principles for 2012 (in no particular order, except No 1):

1.  Happiness above all else – pop quiz style:  does this make me happy (yes/no)  (refer piccie above)

2.  Keep It Simple – try to not overcomplicate things, let’s break it down to bare basics

3.  Carry a Lighter Load – calm, zen-like state, try not to buy into drama and don’t take things personally.  Accept that other people’s stuff is theirs, not mine and know that it might be high time to do away with those relationships that are doing more harm than good .  Seems to me that the haters be hatin’ no matter how hard you try to change it…..  (see piccie below)

4.  Get it done – those projects that I most want to do, just do it, everything else is clutter

5.  Go Personal and Reduce Emails – Only use emails if it is absolutely, positively essential or  efficient (ie group comms) – try to do as much as possible in person.  And absolutely do not email when wearing one’s ranty pants – it never ends well 🙂

I’m sure there are others, but some of these will be tricky enough to master!

I’d love to hear about your aspirations for 2012?  Whatever they are I wish you every happiness and success for the year ahead.

Meg x


One response

  1. that’s been one of my biggest lessons of 2011 – prioritising and making sure there is space for who and what are important by ditching the stuff that either isn’t, or makes you feel less than great. Here’s to 2012!

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