In our garden today….

I totally love gardening and we have a small vegie patch (in the form of 4 raised beds) at the back of our garden.  It’s a total mish mash of all sorts of unstructured things (a bit like me really) – edibles including fruit, herbs and vegetables and “my pretties”, lots of flowers planted to attract bees and other handy helpers, and some art that Miss 6 carefully selects (based on level of randomness we think) and constantly moves about the place.

Our poor garden has been somewhat neglected this season (too busy to plant sunflowers (!!!))  and, in thanks for its patience and ongoing bounty, will get a good, overdue dose of organic fertiliser this evening, preparing the soil for next seasons plantings.

Anyway, on such a lovely summer’s morning I wanted to share my little bliss with you all.  Enjoy x


DSC_1526DSC_1569DSC_1565DSC_1518DSC_1523 DSC_1568 DSC_1543DSC_1522DSC_1520 DSC_1526


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