Ode to Can

Edited excerpt from the City of Unley Community Team Newsletter  (November 2014)

On a similar note to ‘COMPUTER SAYS YES‘  I wanted to share a bit of advertising magic with a commercial run by the Commonwealth Bank. The poem was created by M&C Saatchi creative director, Andy Fleming and featuring the brilliant Australian actor, Toni Collette. Toni recited a poem called: Ode to Can that captures the Can Do attitude perfectly. Hope you find it inspiring too.

Ode to Can

There’s a four letter word
As offensive as any
It holds back the few
Puts a stop to the many.

You can’t climb that mountain
You can’t cross the sea
You can’t become anything you want to be.

He can’t hit a century
They can’t find a cure.
She can’t think about leaving or searching for more.

Because Can’t is a word

With a habit of stopping
The ebb and the flow of ideas

It keeps dropping itself where we know in our hearts it’s not needed
And saying “don’t go” when we could have succeeded.

But those four little letters
That end with a T
They can change in an instant when shortened to three.

We can take off the T
We can do it today

We can move forward not back
We can find our own way

We can build we can run
We can follow the sun

We can push we can pull

We can say I’m someone

Who refuses to believe
That life can’t be better
With the removal of one insignificant letter.


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