About Megan

I live in fabulous Adelaide, South Australia and for a crust I get to do what I love – working as a Community Engagement Manager, leading a fabulous team specialising in community development (social planning, recreation, art, culture,   youth, volunteers), community services, libraries and community engagement.

I am totally fascinated by how people relate, share and grow and adore social network mediums – am completely blown away with how easy it is to connect with others, share valuable information, discuss common interests and be  inspired.

A self-confessed gadget girl, I love my toys, whether that’s the latest Ipad to my automatic tea maker (tea anyone?) and love gardening, especially pottering in our vegie patch, reading and generally having a laugh.  I have  been referred to as a  walking Ipod and have been known to burst into song at inappropriate times.

My favourite thing of all time is having the privilege of  being a mama to “Little Miss 4 & 3/4s” *updated regularly* – through her I am reminded about the strength and potential of the human spirit and how lucky we all are to share this  planet……

My views are, of course, my own.


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