Book Crushing: Lucy Reads… “The Curious Garden”

Another book me and Miss 4 and 3/4s have on the go is Peter Brown’s “The Curious Garden”.

This book is about a little boy who lives in a very drab, industrial city.  On a walk he discovers a neglected lonely garden on an abandoned railway line.  He decides to help the plants along and in doing so creates this magnificent garden which has a life of its own and inspires others to join in.

It’s a gorgeous book and it speaks of hope, potential, determination and the power of one person to achieve amazing things.  As you can see above, the illustrations are truly wonderful.

What makes this extra spesh though is that this story is inspired by an actual garden in a real abandoned railway, called the High Line, in Manhattan.  Left decaying in 1980, 2 neighbours took it upon themselves in 1999 to do a spot of guerilla gardening, starting what has turned out to be a magnificent collective of community spirit in “Friends of the High Line”.

My fabulous Out-Laws are in NYC at the moment and visiting this amazing place is on the top of their itinerary – I can’t wait to hear all about it.  This place is truly magical and has become a place of true community spirit, co-opting, collective vision and energy, partnership, design, public art and performance.  You can check it out here: or by watching this awesome video (wait for the ad to pass, it’s well worth it):

My family and I are gardeners to the core, so this book is totally for us.  But if you aren’t the gardening sort or have had a couple of past tragedies, I hope this inspires you to go get a packet of seeds to sprinkle in your garden or plant a herb in a pot.  Give it a go – with the right amount of attention and love anyone can achieve anything.

Meg x


Book Crushing: Lucy Reads…. “Just Being Audrey”

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a thing for children’s picture books.  I often find myself deeply moved by the beautiful meaning, humour, wiseness, generosity of these treasures and have a special spot for beautiful illustrations.

Fortunately for me, Miss 4 and 3/4s loves them too and we spend many blissful hours getting our snuggle on and exploring these worlds together.

At the moment we are LOVING  “Just Being Audrey” by Margaret Cardillo.  The story takes you from Audrey’s childhood and details the key moments that made her, her.  It really captures her beautiful spirit, free heart, whimsical character and her kindness.

“Just Being Audrey” is made so much more fabulous due to the magic of by one of my favourite children’s illustrators, the divinest Julia Denos, who is unbelievably talented and special.  You can find out more about her on her blog

Here’s the book trailer (oh how I heart a book trailer too):

Book trailer:  

This book has now sent us on an Audrey-a-thon – and we have added to this by watching her films – so far we have watched Sabrina and Roman Holiday…. She is really so lovely.

I’d love to hear about your special books:  What’s your favourite book? (note: mine is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by a million miles)  What are you reading at the moment?  What is your child’s favourite read?

More reviews to come soon x

Happy Easter everyone.


Takes Your Breath Away

Check out this gorgeous video of the Aurora Borealis captured by landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd.

Mother Nature is truly wonderful.  Breathtaking!

Happy week all x