Everybody Loves a Wedding

So what business does a 2nd gen Dutch Australian republican* who doesn’t really place much value in marriage* have being so bloody excited about the up-coming wedding between William & Kate?

Does anyone else find this more than a little perplexing?

Well get over it.  I’m having a Royal Wedding dinner and snuggle sesh with BFF next Friday night, complete with Tiaras and Ugg Boots we are, to the horror of my +1, going to make the most of this festive occasion.  I’ve even bought merchandise.  Check it out from Lark Handmade:

'Very British Street Party' Tapestry Teapot Vase

'Very British Street Party' Cake Cases & Toppers

I Love London Gift Wrap

Are you with me on this peeps?  Will you be watching too?  Share – we’re all friends here 😀

* = note I realise many will not share my views.  That’s OK.  It’s my blog and I’ll type what I want to.