Falling In Love Again

+1 rolls eyes and resigns to the fact there will be a purchase……

Yes it happens all the time.  Something – some beautiful piece of art, or meaningful saying or wacky idea or something of pure love – captures my attention and that’s it…  I’m head over heals smitten.

Today (*smiles*) it is the artwork of UK artist Rob Ryan.  Rob’s London shop “Ryantown” features his intricate paper cuts, limited edition screen prints, handcrafted, limited edition pieces.

This is what his cute as a button shop looks like:


I’m waiting in excitement for this lovely little vase to arrive (from Larkmade):

Rob Ryan 'Please Smell Us' Vase

And here’s a sample of some of his other works:

This Bell Will Ring When From Nothing Something ComesBelieve In People printed teatowel

The Key To My Heart Tile

I Cant Forget (Raspberry Red and Navy Blue)

Simplify Our Love

If you want to become equally smitten visit Rob’s website which has links to his blog and shop.

And, as always, feel free to share likewise.  I ‘d love to see what’s your latest obsession.



Shared Inspiration: Wind Us Up & Set Us Loose

I came across Wondermark’s Rules for Builders, Crafters and Makers and just HAD to share it.

This little manifesto 100% spot on  reflects my whole philosophy, approach and how I do things – classic stuff.   LOVE it madly and hope you will too….

If you have time have a look through the whole Tinkerer’s Handbook, featured on Wondermark’s site.  I particularly adore the page on “Non Traditional Gardening Tools” – heart-warmingly hilarious.


Tinkerbell Meg


Peter and the Wolf

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of going to the theatre with my mum.   I remember clearly going to see Dot and the Kangaroo (and winning a prize – score!) and attending a musical performance of Peter and the Wolf (I must have been 4 years old, tops).

Since that time, Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf has been one of my favourite pieces of classical music and it makes me feel so happy hearing it.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Serge Prokofiev wrote Peter and the Wolf “A Fairytale with Music” (incidentally the first symphony for children) in 1936. It’s a narrative symphony about a boy (Peter) and his animals as they encounter a wolf from the nearby woods.

Here’s a ‘taste’ of the music, with some lovely animation as an added bonus:

And now it’s my turn to take my little Miss Nearly 5 to see it with the divine Adelaide Symphony Orchestra performing it at Her Maj in July.   I was well chuffed to find our tickets arrived today.

Anyway I’m making a ‘thing of it’ and have found this absolutely gorgeous PDF puppet theatre from Sarah Jane Studio’s that we will make up before hand to play with after the show (PS Sarah Jane is one of those brilliantly inspired people know how to make things – clever cookie).

Peter and the Wolf Puppet Theater PDF Download

We are also booked in to see the Wizard of Oz in Ballet as well as the Gruffalo’s Child – weeeeeee.

So much fun.  How lucky we are……


I Heart Urban Art

Over the last year and a half I have become increasingly obsessed with Urban/Street Art.  Can’t get enough of the stuff and have been uber-excited to see Adelaide embracing this with such gusto.

Creative collectives such as Format and recent events like Street Dreams and Indelible (so sad that I missed this) – just spur my enthusiasm – I am blown away by the talent and energy (not to mention the final product).

My poor work colleagues don’t hear the end of it from me, every time we move to play-space to conceptualize what might be for project, you can bet you bottom $ that I pipe in with some wacky Street Art concept *team rolls eyes*.  Yeah come on people……

Other than the awesome factor, what I really love about it is:  its all about where our younger peeps are at:  It embraces  and celebrates their identity and what they associate with, rather than just discouraging & regulating it.  It is about trust and creating a cool space.  It’s about community and culture.  It sort of has a mischievous feel about it, it’s provocative and often super intelligent and political. It promotes diversity, creativity and artistic endeavour and, with any luck, it encourages younger people feel proud of the place they live.  There’s more but that would just be raving.

To give you a taste, here’s a few pics of cool urban art happening about the place.

Adelaide Street Art:

Kate Gagliardi Street Dreams / Format Mural

Prisoners and Guards | Topham Mall carpark, Adelaide CBD.
Loves it.

From LA’s MOCA – Art in the Streets:


If you want to see more awesomeness have a look here and here.

Final note:  this post is in no way condoning random tagging on people’s private property, which is highly disrespectful, not to mention often incredibly ugly. However I do wonder what might be if we took a different, collective approach to turning this issue into an opportunity…..

Final final note: I am sad to say that I no longer see myself in this “younger people” category *booooo* – I guess it’s all relative….

Happy day